Crypto Lullaby

There is virtually no video advertising in the blockchain. Marketing tools are all the same and include prepaid press releases, banner networks, and targeting. Crypto Lullaby is an experiment we made to better understand how viral videos function in the blockchain community.
Idea, lyrics, music, materialization — Maria Galenko
Starring and management — Anita Bakaeva
Production — Yuri Ishakov
Native English — Yonatan Gordan-Teller
Acting coach — Boris Dragilev
Location — Yasnaya Polyana coworking
Hugs and support: Oksana Boulakh, Andrey Breslav, Sergey Dryamov
We designed Crypto Lullaby to show that working in the blockchain industry can be healthier and to remind diehard crypto enthusiasts that sometimes it pays to sleep. We made English and Russian versions of the video.

Surely there could have been more views, but still, we know that the key players in the market watched it. Cointelegraph, one of the top 2 most widely read global crypto media, made their own crypto lullaby soon after our video was published.
Coverage in the ex-USSR major crypto media
Reposted by a number of Telegram channels covering crypto memes and fun, such as Kriptach
Inspired by our efforts, the editorial board published their own version