The first brand enhancement ad campaign for Warm Home Foundation
Over than 12 years Warm House Foundation (Tyoply Dom Foundation) has been helping low-income dysfunctional families from Saint-Petersburg. At the same time, the Fund rarely told about itself, because of focusing on the primary mission — supports families and children. On the other side, it leads to limiting fundraising opportunities. Together with the Fund, we made a brand enhancement ad campaign, which put "Warm House" and the problems that affect the majority of Russian mothers with small children on the agenda. Our challenge was to demonstrate without tediousness how criticism depletes mothers of their strength, and support, on the contrary, gives mums power.
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$36 000
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$1 000
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Art direction and images: Alexander Brichkin
Composer and sound producer: Vyacheslav Oliyanchuk
Animation: Slava Romanov
The creative team and project management: Nastya Ryabtseva, Daria Selyunina, Liza Semicheva, Petr Verbitsky, Oksana Boulakh, Maria Galenko.
"Many people want to help children growing up in difficult life situations, but rarely anyone realizes that the best way to help them is to support their parents, in the case of our wards, single mothers. At least we could not exacerbate the maternal sense of guilt and self-doubt. For 12 years our Foundation has been helping families become stronger and happier. It is important for us to talk about how children are affected by the attitude of society towards their parents. If we want to live in the world of prosperous people, then we should stop scolding mothers who are in difficult situation and start supporting them.".

Nastya Ryabtseva
PR-specialist of the Warm House Foundation